Business Opportunities

Davo's Worm Farms has been operating as a husband and wife team, commercial small business for more than 10 years. This has followed a period of over 10 years growing worms and studying all aspects of vermiculture.

We have progressed through initially just making fertiliser from the stable manure, to selling products at Farmers Markets, to now processing large quantities of food waste (up to 40 tonnes per month) and applying the resultant Vermicompost, and Worm Tea to our pastures.(100 acres at Broomfield)  The nett result of this has been succulent, healthy pastures with Brix readings in excess of 15%, and off course healthy stock requiring no drenching or other veterinary expenses.

We also please to advise that our three sons are now actively involved in the business as opportunities for further waste conversion open up.

Through his position as immediate past  President of The Australian Worm Growers Association Vermiculture Inc. ( see ) David is always willing to assist other Farmers in moving towards having healthier pastures and stock.


Davos Worm Farms has always had an open door approach to visitors, Farm tours and advice on all aspects of Worm Farming are free, but an appointment is necessary.. Ph. 0418501525.