Welcome to Davo's Worm Farms

The Philosophy:

Our business philosophy stems from experiences long before we ventured in to Vermiculture. David has spent over 40 years working as a Youth Worker with so called “at risk” teenagers, and the link between what we eat and what we do was never more starkly demonstrated as with his experience with “Billy’ (not his real name)

Billy was in yr 8 at a local Secondary College, always in trouble, couldn’t sit still in class and usually re-acted to any instructions from authority with a mouthful of abuse. He spent most of his school days either sitting outside the Principals Office or at home on suspension. After studying his case, and creating a rapport with Billy, David was able to persuade the family to allow Billy to go on a course of Natural Multivitamins, Colloidal Minerals and Anti-oxidants. Within a few weeks of the treatment, Billy’s Form Teacher reported that there had been a dramatic change in the personality of Billy, and to everyone’s surprise, he had not been sent out of class for over two weeks. Furthermore, on one occasion when chastised by a teacher for being in the wrong area of the school grounds, he cheerfully apologised and went back to the correct area.

Sadly, at the completion of the treatment, his parents decided that they could not afford to keep the treatment going, and within weeks, Billy was back to his old tricks and eventually left school for good with only a Yr7 pass behind him.
There are thousands of Billy’s out there.

Now, having a worm farm in your backyard or spreading Worm Tea on your paddocks is not going to cure all the ailments of the world, but it is a way that the average person can show their awareness of the real issues and be actually doing something about them.

 We consume food grown in chemically fertilised soil, sprayed, packaged, colored and artificially flavoured by chemicals and then wonder why Cancer, Alzheimer’s, ADHD and a host of other diseases are rapidly increasing.  As a society, we need to get back to more natural methods of growing food, and being more responsible in what we do with our waste products.

Dr. Carole Hungerford, author of “Good Health in the 21st Century” states that “if we were all eating foods grown in pristine soils and we didn’t process that food, we could slash our health bill by 70%”

Of course not every one has even heard of Carole, but most people have heard of Dr. Linus Pauling. He’s the guy who won a Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1954 and The Nobel Peace Prize in 1962. Linus said that there is not a single disease afflicting mankind that cannot be traced back to a Mineral Deficiency.
But we didn’t listen….

Dr. Elaine Ingham, internationally acclaimed soil biologists has stated that there are no soils in Australia that are deficient in Minerals.

Worms create a multitude of healthy bacteria which have the unique ability to convert insoluble minerals in the soil in to plant available nutrients.

Starting to see why we are passionate about promoting worms.????